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How to make your website load faster?

If you are a website owner or administrator and your website loads slow than this blog post is perfect for you. Many website owners usually asked this question to us why their website is slow and how it can be improve. Being a leading website design company we at ARE InfoTech have done extensive research on website loading time and the causes of slow website load. There are many reasons for slow website loading problem, we will identify those reasons in this blog post however it is important to understand the why website speed is big issue for you ?

Slow Website will spoil your business

One of the most important aspects of any successful online venture is fast loading of their website. It provides the smooth user experience to its visitors. Visitors just don’t have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website and get away without seeing your product and services. It is noticed that user are reluctant to visit those slow websites again and hence your online investment is completely on risk.

Reasons for slow website loading

As we already mentioned that there are numerous reasons for slow website and it depends on various factors E.g. – High resolution images on website, low bandwidth server, poor internet connection, absence of content delivery network, unnecessary plugins, excess use of java scripts and Jquery, absence of cache storage and flash player on landing page. Many a times you want very catchy website design and animation effects on it but as much as you might be tempted to focus on the design of your website, it’s important that you never forget about website loading speed.

How to improve website loading speed ?

If you think your website is really very slow and need website speed optimization than it is better to check with your website design company or website designer. Before going on any conclusion it is better to diagnosis the reason behind slow website load with your website designer. Once you have website speed audit report you can choose the right step E.g. – Use low resolution images, shifting to virtual private server or implement the website speed optimization algorithm on your website code. It is advised to take website code backup before performing any action.

For more information on website slow speed, website speed improvisation and website design related queries keep reading our blog.

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